October 3, 2015

Reflection. On myself.

I am currently sitting here, at the kitchen table staring at the wall. Actually the computer screen hence the blog.

As I sit here, I am surrounded by air, wine, cat, air, plant.


The thing is I am just being honest, but I am bored.



Bored to the point of listing all the reasons why wine is better than a man. Or a boyfriend. Or just the male gender.

You see, everytime I get on Facebook someone has a date. Or a ring. or a "#mcm" and I am pretty tired of it.

SO that is why I made a list as to why I love wine, more than relationships.

Reason #1-Wine is always there for you. If you need it, you just go get it. It's not gonna be unavailable. It's not going to be canceling plans on you. It's just there, needing to be opened and poured. So thank you wine. I love you.

Reason #2- Wine doesn't speak.

Reason #3- Wine comes from Europe sometimes. And I like Europe. Therefore, I like wine.

Reason #4- It's relaxing. It's like a vacation in a bottle. A pretty labeled bottle.

Reason #5- Wine makes you sleep like an infant child. It's just like a liquid sleeping pill. Take a few glasses (let's say 2 because we are healthy) and you will find yourself going to bed at 10 pm and sleeping until 7am. Uh-mazing.

Reason #6- Wine is not a commitment. It's just there. If you don't want it it's not hurt by your rejection of you reaching for water instead of wine.

Reason #7- It's fun to have wine at a bar. It's fancy.

Reason #8- Wine let's you drink it when you are cooking, sitting around talking, eating, and out with friends. It's just compatible with everything.

Reason #9- Did I mention you can put wine in your food?! Like cook wine into sauces. How saucy is that!?

Reason #10- It's classy as ever. Wine never makes you look doubty or sloppy or sad or not confident. Wine makes you look sophisticated and smart.

Reason #11- You can drink wine in pjs, sweat pants, or no pants. Wine doesn't care, wine just wants to be your #1. Wine does not judge.

Reason #12-My final reason, I like wine. Boys don't seem to like me. But Wine seems to love me. We go together like ramalamadingdong. Sandy and Danny would be singing happy songs when me and wine end up together at the register at the store. It's all good. Wine loves me. I love wine. And so should you.

But yeah, let's raise a glass to the lass (or lad) that is wine. Thank you Jesus for turning water into wine proving that it is a necessity for people to drink it.


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