November 4, 2015

Single. So Single.

Those are not my hands.

Hey you! I have a question for you!
Is everyone in this world magnetic and just pulled together with another magnet? Am I missing the magnet in my body? I would like to point out that I am ALONE. ALL BYYYY MYSELLLFFFFF.

Seriously so alone. I chose baking as my therapeutic source so I do not go mental...although I'm probably already there seeing as I talked about magnets in people........

Side note, last night I went and had dinner at a restaurant by myself because I'm 24 and want to feel pretty and chic..well basically I spent the evening being ignored by waiters (who seemed pretty attractive and were all male) and when it seemed like they wanted to ask me how I was doing they would rethink that idea and turn around and leave. If that doesn't make you feel alluring and lovely, I don't know what would. Made me feel pretty darn awkward and smelly.

I am single. Been single forever. I'm getting pretty bored with that lifestyle, kinda feel like my life is a book with no plot line....But yah know what, baking is my jam. It is the peanut butter to my jelly. It is the bottle that holds my wine. It is my thing. And I am pretty okay at it.

I find that the more bitter I become about living in a world of couples, the more sarcasm pours from my mouth or fingers. AND THE MORE LOVE THAT ATTACHES TO MY HIPS AND BOOTAY.

Like, for example, tonight I made doughnuts again. This is the 2nd time in the span of a month. Hey actually that's not terrible. Never mind me, I'm doing okay. I just thought it looked bad on my social media, all the photos of doughnuts but actually it doesn't. Bah ah hah ah a. I'm alright.

Baking is lovely. It is like hey here's a recipe, modify it to your sweet tooth's needs and everything will be okay. That can mean more cocoa, more vanilla, maybe a splash or wave more of sprinkles. It honestly doesn't matter. And for a moment or 30 minutes, I feel like I am doing life like a Lifetime movie, all wonderful with jazzy music on in the background, or in my case reality tv on. What gives.

If you are in a slump, I promise you baking a treat or ten really soothes the hurt in your mental and emotional state. I have become a master of french bread. A top notch zucchini bread baker. And improving my doughnuts. I love baking. I just do.

This post is scatter brained. You're welcome.
-Single Queen Baker living in a couples world.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Single Queen Baker. And I love your baking photos. It inspires me!