November 10, 2015


This past weekend my phone decided to take a dip in a pool of water. I asked it not to, I said "Please don't jump, I may not be able to help you." My phone did not listen. Nonetheless, my phone lived in a bowl heavily laden with rice for 48 hours, which meant I was 48 hours of technology free.

I know there are easier ways at which to put your hands and mind to rest besides losing your phone amidst the water, I unfortunately did not have any say in that occurrence, but let me just say I really enjoyed being "unplugged". I suddenly saw the world, like really saw it. I was able to watch a show without staring at my phone and missing the plot line. I had actual conversations without instagramming a photo of the cup, or the table, or the person. And I was productive.

On Sunday, after church, my sister had to go in to work to sort through a mass of boxes, I decided to go along with her and sit in the coffee shop while she worked. I doodled and I read a book. I read 107 pages of type for 3 hours. Granted the book was weird, but the point being, I read. I also people watched.

That is probably one of the more eye-opening experiences. Observation. Seeing how attached to our devices we are. I can count how many people read a newspaper instead of their phone or computer on one hand, 3. I was one of the 3. It kind of made me grossed out how much of a zombie-like culture we have become. Has the times of socializing with strangers passed? Are we just going to look at our phones instead of looking at faces? Will we lose the capabilities of holding conversation???? Even those who sat with someone else, those people were both on their phones. I didn't realize how anti-social we as a culture have become until I was on the outside looking in.
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Something grander than anything I could have thought would happen did. My mood was better ten-fold. I actually felt happy, not down on myself. I laughed way more, I talked a lot and I stopped COMPARING. Comparing my life to that of another person who I don't even know but thanks to social media, I feel I know them. It was such a relief. I am kind of sad my phone is working again just because I was so content this last weekend.

I think a result from this whole "unplugged" experience is to put down the phone. Take a break from social media and just enjoy company be that a person, a pet, a plant..?? Just take some time away and live life without living through others filtered lives.You may just see a better side of yourself, and appreciate small joys. (If you would like to find ways to "break up with your cellphone" check Buzzfeed)

That's all for now. :)

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Amen to that!