January 3, 2016

New Year, New....Nope Still Me

Happy New Year all you party people, and you over there reading this blog.

I can honestly say I am glad to see 2015 come and go. While it was a highlight filled year, I am ready for this whole 2016 year to begin. I spent my New Year's Eve with friends at a local pub, celebrating one birthday and kissing 2015 toodle-loo. The pub was relatively quiet compared to last year, erm, two years ago? 2014 New Year's Eve.... there. There were 9 of us crammed around a long bar table top like area. I was strategically placing half of one of my cheeks on the stool I was sharing with the birthday girl while my other cheek, leg and foot were holding most of my body weight. I gave that balancing act up once my leg began to ache and shake. I stole a stool from the dart board area. No one cared, don't know why I am such a hesitater when it comes to being logical. People came and went, we stayed until about 11pm, when the pub was packed so much you literally were pressed against everyone when trying to make your way up to the bar to pay your tab.

My sister and I headed home, snuggled up on the couch and talked about the year and all the "goals" we have for ourselves. We guessed that the new year had arrived when the sound of a thousand fireworks went off and didn't stop. Welcome 2016, you look nice and shiny.


I could say I forgot to mention, but I have not actually blogged about updates in my life for a while, so basically, I work two jobs now. Yahooooooooo.

I work in a really cute shop on the main street in my town. I sell clothes, candles, lotions, home decor, and jewelry and the best part is I get to chime in to tell people what they are trying in looks great on them. It's actually really fun and I love it.

But awkward moment 4.0: I was invited to the works Christmas party and seeing as I didn't know the women (except for 2) walking into the house was odd. They just sort of stared at me and I had to laugh off how nervous I was. I do not do well in social situations solo. And whenever I made a remark that I thought was quite clever and hilarious the women just smiled and stared. Which made me question my sense of humor all together. When the ladies were leaving they were all lined up to give hugs to the boss and since I was in the middle of the line I felt it would be odd not to give a hug (attention, I am not a hugger to people I am not close with, I loathe any sort of affection or touching)....well I gave my boss possibly the most awkward and spacey hug known to my repertoire of hugs. I wanted to run out of the house....but I couldn't. So instead I just smiled and made small talk.....Oh gosh.


I went out with my friends and my sister one evening in December. We headed out to fancy Bellevue and found it full of attractive men who stuck to themselves and girls in very short skirts with very long eyelashes. Seattle we went then. Because stuffy Bellevue was not in the cards for our evening. Capitol Hill was full of fun people and dancing. Lots of dancing. We had a blast just dancing with each other and swatting off any man who touched us like a fly swatter. At one point a guy from Czech introduced himself to me and I said my name was "Stacy" and my sister introduced herself as "Kelly". We laughed it off and walked away from the fella who would not get a hint and was also very shouty in my ear. We danced and laughed a ton and had the best time ever! We didn't get home until 3 am. Well done my 24 year old self. You actually did something fit to your age. As we were leaving british men passed us and held the door for us and I felt sad on the inside because we were leaving and they were arriving.


I went on one date in all of 2015. A coffee date that I would wish never to think of again. Not because of me but because of my date. I wish I could have filmed the awkwardness of it all. But that would be mean. Basically it was not for me, and I tried to make it clear, and then the guy asked me to dinner right as I was leaving. Oh boy.


I did GRADUATE in 2015! Hallelujah! Currently am applying to grad programs abroad and one in the states. Not sure what to do. But I will figure it out I am sure of it :)

My sister got a new car! Which means we no longer have to share a vehicle and shuffle that thing all around the county. No more *waking up at 6 am to drive my sister to the bus and then drive home and begin the day bright and early*. Now I can drive me and my fabulous self around the state like a lady with places to go.

I became an aunt to my best friend's baby. YAHOO. I love him I do! And I finally got to meet the squishy faced-brown eyed boy in October and he almost fit in my purse. Almost.


I got very into baking and water color painting. Many friends and family members encouraged me to give them recipes. Which made me feel soooooooo baker savvy. Even though I'm not. BUT I can whip out donuts in 45 min and french bread in 1.5 hours. SO yes!

Finally I figured out what the heck was wrong with my stomach and now am on a pretty restrictive diet that makes eating anywhere but home a pain in the *you know where*, but I am feeling like a human after meals, have reduced my migraines to maybe once every 2-3 months, and no longer feel like I have to lay down after dinner. SO YIPPEEEEE!! And hello to expensive "organic" "blank-free" food purchasing.

ON TO 2016! Where there are no mistakes. And a lot of *dreamy* possibilities in my mind. This is gonna be a great year everyone. Tuttie-byes!

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