January 16, 2016

Over Dogs, Over You.

I have realized (over the course of the last 3 days) that my writing skills on paper are very lack-luster. It has become more apparent as I am finalizing grad school applications and hoping that someone will love me and let me into their program. I am oodles of fun! It occurred to me that Elle Woods was very smart for doing a video instead of an essay for her application to Havard Law School. IT ALL MAKES SO MUCH SENSE NOW. SOMEONE FILM ME.

When these applications are finished I am going to bake donuts, eat them, and then bathe in wine.

Sounds so fancy. And I am a fancy lady.

I am dog-sitting for a family this week and basically I am over dogs. Each time I dog-sit I note how much I prefer cats. These are nice dogs, and they are cute, but I am such a cat lady. Dogs breathe on your face, after they do their business YOU have to clean it up or the neighborhood poo-brigaide will knock on your door. Also, dogs sniff you everywhere, not my idea of a fun time. You can't be gone from home for too long or they think you have abandoned them. They shake water on you when they have been outside in the rain. And when they throw up it's like human vomit and you try not to gag.....A LOT.

I don't know how dog-lovers are even a thing. I just don't get it. I think I will stay on the cat-loving side of life because I like not having to take care of another being.


P.s. Less than a month until my birthday.

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