April 15, 2016

I Have Been Hiding. Now I Am Here.

It's been a while since my last post, but to be fair nothing was really happening that felt like it should be shared on here. I mean I love my cats and baking but that can only be blogged about so much before I become bored of myself.

Another Friday night at home. I am not complaining, this week has been hectic enough and my sleep patterns have been not so fabulous. I have been working a lot, working out more, and working on myself slowly. I have been in a very long waiting period and so the whole "working on myself" bit has to do a lot with PATIENCE. Hey future self, are we alright? Did we successfully make it through this very arduous part of our life successfully??

Heavy things happening for me. But I will be fine, I am just exhausted.


I would like to let y'all know that I talked to a cute boy/man=boman at the gym. Yeah it was just me doing some intense moves and then he walks in and goes to the mat next to mine and I am like, "What ever you do, you CANNOT look weak!" So I stopped what I was doing and took some heavy sips of water, wiped the forehead, breathed, and then went into another circuit, I probably looked stupid but to me I was on FIRE. And then the "boman" asked me something. I stopped breathing which was bad because I was in a plank position and you need to breathe....he repeated whatever he said. I had my headphones in and some good music encouraging me so I took a headphone out and was like "hmm?" and he goes "Do you mind if I turn this fan off?" and I said with a very reassured cool chick face "nah, go for it". And then we both went back to working out.

And that's the tale of me talking to a cute "boman" at the gym. Hopefully next time (if there is one) I can say something other than what I said, like maybe a joke....or something.....I don't know. Help.

I have bene SUPER into watercolor painting the last few months which is fun.

My good friend got married and I was a bridesmaid in that. And p.s. I made the groomsmen laugh a lot which made me feel cool and then I looked at all their hands in a sly way and they were all married. So there went that hope. I also made the groomsman I walked down the isle with grab my arm instead of me grabbing his because I totally meant to do that and was not anxious at all about people staring at me or messing up......oh wait.

I also would like you all to be aware that during the rehearsal for the ceremony the owner of the facility was telling us where we could smoke and my friend and I were joking across the room from each other and the owner caught us and thought I was serious. So then she and the rest of the groom's family and friends all thought I was a smoker. I was wearing a leather jacket and leopard loafers too...so yeah obviously my clothes were super helpful with my accidental image. #rebel.

I definitely got my fill of swatting away boys whilst out clubbing with my friends. We don't dance "sexy" we dance like a bunch of loons or children not sure which. But for some reason the boys flock and I knock them over. Not really but I do just look at them if they start to hit on me and say "No, no no no no bye." And my sister and I pretend to be a couple if the dudes get too handsie. Gross people. But always a hilarious time.

My best friend Kelsey flew from Chicago to spend time with me for my birthday and never have I laughed so hard in 4 days than with her. We met while studying in London and basically are the same human being except she is way more confident and cool and determined which is fantastic energy to be around. We went on a glorious hike for my birthday (what even..) and we passed a group of 4 cute boys and one looked at me and tripped and I nearly wet myself from that incident. He actually tripped over a stump but for ego's sake I will say he tripped because of my face.

Hmmm...what else happened...OH! I am 25 now! Holy cow. I truly love this age though. Like I legit feel older and starting to feel like my body and mind are beginning to match up. It was my favorite birthday ever. So calm and fun and wonderful. I felt extremely loved and cherished. And I got a ton of baking supplies INCLUDING a TORCH!!!! Creme brûlée??!?!?! Yasssssss...

I made amazing croissants last month, they were devoured in 3 days. There are 4 people who live in this house. To be fair though I did share with my grandma, sister, and bro-in law.

Other than that. I am alive.  And going to bed at 9 pm. Peace.

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