April 22, 2016

The Day I Woke Up and NEVER Should Have Left My Bed.

Hey there you!

A few weeks ago, two to be precise, I was waking up in the comforts of my bed feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day! That was until I stepped out of my bed. I really shouldn't have done that.

All was well. I went to the kitchen to make myself my morning meal, hot water with lemon, avocado on toast, yah know, basics. I put my last piece of bread into the toaster, walked away and when I returned, my toast was black.
Usually I am very good about timing on the bread but time escaped me....so I scraped off what I could and tried to lather on avocado.

I showered because that's necessary. After showering I  had approximately 60 minutes until I had to be at work. I came into my room to the looming process of deciding what to wear and literally had no clue. I sat on my floor for 30 min staring at every item and just being like, nope, nope, too tight, wow I have gained weight, oh gosh I look like a grandma, or, I look like a middle schooler. Nothing was working for me. After wasting time I had about 20 min to do my hair, makeup and put a lunch together. Well my hair took forever, so I actually was late to work and did my makeup there.  I had been dog sitting so I had limited time to return to the dogs and feed them. It happened to be the day when the dogs were outside forever and day and I literally had to go out and search for them. I also had to check on another neighbors dog to let that rascal out. After those tasks I went to work. When I arrived to work, my typical and reserved parking spot was blocked by a truck and a man power-washing restaurant furniture.
Obviously I said really positive words upon that discovery.

Then I headed down the road expecting to see the usual empty spots, but no, I found no open spots. I was already nearing a late entry into work...I open a store and the store was supposed to open in 2 min..I quickly zoomed around the corner and found a spot on the road. I stomped past the pressure washing man and huffed and puffed.

Well it was time for the store to open. I ran around like a crazy woman turning on lights, and putting the money in the drawer. I changed my shoes, or was in the process of it when a woman came into the store right at 11:02. Typically I have an hour before customers show up.

After she bought nothing, I threw on a lot of makeup because I felt hideous. Which FYI, that is such a great tip when you feel ugly, MAKE UP people MAKEUP. It's a miracle in bottles.

I think through out the day I ran into multiple displays, and was just bad at conversation.

It was rough.

That also happened to be the day when people asked me the dumbest questions that I had no answer to. SO I always lie.

It also took me longer to count the money at the end of the day so that was also a bonus.

After work I had to go home to feed myself and then race back to the dogs to feed and polish them...jokes about the polishing. After that I had plans to meet up with my friends for wine and rooftop chats, which is a favorite of mine. Anyways, basically the dogs were not cooperating again and were outside longer than I expected which delayed my arrival to my friend's apartment. But I did make it.

Wine was drunk. Food was eaten. Laughter and chats ensued. And THAT made my day so much better.

And then I spilled red wine all over me.

I decided I should probably just go home.

And that was the day I never should have left my bed.

The End.

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