August 12, 2016

My Turn Around. Hi Adult World.

You guys. Let me tell you, my life has changed massively since the last time I blogged, which was eons ago.

So here's the thing, I am not going to be attending graduate school this upcoming fall. I really hoped I would be but God has other ideas of what would be best for me and let's be real, He definitely has the better plan in the end.
I am still sitting pretty at the number 4 slot at a particular university for the doctorate program, which is 5 years long. I mean I could get a call tomorrow saying I am in, but I hope not because...well here's why.

A few months back I was job searching as I have been doing the past year or so, without luck, and then I stumbled upon a job that fit my requirements to a T. I applied, got a phone call about an interview the next week, and then two weeks later had an interview with the supervisor. It went really well! Like really well. The only problem was that I was still waiting to hear back from my progress on the waitlist. They offered me a job and I decided to say "no" as it was only 8 hours a week, and I would be doing a lot of driving. Then I moved on to more job searching.

Jump forward a month ago, I was sitting around thinking (as you do), I really wanted to contact the company and see if they still had any openings left, since I had settled upon the idea that I was going to reapply for graduate school in the fall. The next day as I was going through my emails, there was one from the company, they were interested in hiring me for a full time position if graduate school was not going to be happening. Obviously I called them back and viola! They made a position just for me because they wanted to hire me that much!? I was beyond flattered and couldn't believe that I found a job in my field of study considering I only have a bachelors. But hey, God knows, and He is good.

With that, I became a full-time adult....well-ish.

Fast-forward to a few weeks ago my cousin flew me down to visit her and her husband for 5 days right just under a month before their little girl was to be born. I was so excited to go and visit and help them finish their house before nesting began. It was a wonderful trip, so much laughter, and memories made, basically a perfect trip.

However, upon being there I received a text from a very good friend saying that their apartment that was available and then had been taken was available again and my sister and I should make a move on it. So excited about the opportunity I called the landlord and three days after I returned from my little trip, my sister and I signed our first lease on an apartment. We move out in about a week.

And yes, I am slightly panicking. And yes I am overwhelmed. My life changed so fast and so quick I am still balancing three jobs, commuting, and trying to mentally prepare for all the things we will need for an apartment. BUT WE ARE DOING IT.

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